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I hope that when I’m 70, I can clearly state the goals of my life and smile about them.

Sitting yesterday afternoon in the back yard of Pat Kenschaft, I felt like I’d entered a a magical world, in which garden gnomes come alive and then shar the secrets of life. When I asked Pat if I could interview her for Baristanet’s new “Coffee with…” series, she said she would squeeze me before 2:30 pm — when a friend was coming to pick up some arugula plants — but she couldn’t see me after 4 because that would cut into her meditation time.

Sitting in the back of her yard, under the shade, the idea of a daily afternoon meditation practice seemed amazingly sane and accessible. Like, instead of booking a weekend a Kripalu, you could just pull a plastic lawn chair to the way back of your yard and rest your brain for free.

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