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One of the advantages of being a disciple of the great Jeff Jarvis is getting invited to speak at a lot of cool events. I’ve got three coming up in June: the Personal Democracy Forum, the Citizens’ Campaign Jersey Call to Service and a small private lunch for “18-20 superstar thought-leaders in digital media” at the Hotel on Rivington. The PdF Conference starts off with a speakers cocktail party at Google’s New York City offices. Best part of the invite: “Due to the size of the venue this invitation is for the invited guest only and is non-transferable.”

I guess that means I’ll have to get over my cocktail party shyness. Big Fish Little Pond (my Native American name) is going to have jump into the big pond a few times next month. It’s worth it just to see Google’s inner sanctum and of course it will give me something to talk about with my shrink. Now, what to wear…