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Last week I took a trip to the Westport to do a reading at their public library. By the numbers (8 attendees, 1 book sold) it was a huge disappointment. But of course, you always meet nice people on these things. I couldn’t have had a nicer person picking me up at the train station than MarySue Waterman and the one buyer of my book was the lovely Jill Johnson, who’s shopping a memoir called Blue Collar Model. But I really lucked out when the barista who served me a cup of sledgehammer coffee at the Westport Library’s cafe told me he’d just finished my book. Theo Sullivan, a guy in his 20’s, is way outside my typical demographic, but he said the car angle had drawn him in. He was a good sport when I whipped out my iPhone and asked if I could do an impromptu video interview.

I also heard today from another guy who’d just finished the book, my friend Greg Allen, managing director of the Westminster Arts Center in Bloomfield. “So I just finished reading Cars from a Marriage and have that empty feeling you get when you complete something you weren’t ready to end,” he said on Facebook. That’s one of the nicest compliments an author can get. Go read Greg’s review over on Amazon.