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book sale 2010.jpgThere’s something both depressing and uplifting about a mega used book sale if you’re an author.

Today I went to at the College Women’s Club Used Book & Music Sale in Montclair. It was bag day: $5 for a whole grocery bag full of books.

Now mind you, my house is overflowing with books. I need to be loading books into boxes and taking them to book sales. But never mind. Someone just recommended the author Maile Meloy to me at yoga today, and now I’m cozily ensconced in my sofa with her novel, “A Family Daughter.”



  • That in the end, after all the hours spent writing, editing and marketing a novel, it turns out to be worth only a very small fraction of $5.
  • Used books, in aggregate, look very sad, dowdy and downscale.


  • Used book sales are filled with readers, God bless them.
  • While it may make you wince, as an author, to see your own books in a remainder pile, it is reassuring to think that William Shakespeare’s works wind up in the same place.