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People are now dropping photos of themselves with old cars on my Facebook fan page — and I love it!  Top is Val Ginter in 1964 with his Oldsmobile in a cow pasture near Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. “That was my spot,” says Ginter. “At night I listened to Jean Shepard on WOR on that big Olds radio… I could carry four musicians, an upright string bass, a complete set of drums, horns, and my accordion along with amplifier, and music library.

“And when I kissed a girl on a date, we’d both get electric shocks from the seat covers….”

At right, David Henry Sterry in his iconic author photo. “This was my girlfriend’s car,” he writes. “Looking back, that car treated me better than that girlfriend ever did.”

And below, here’s Frank Gerard Godlewski, with his sister and the family car, also in 1964, in front of his grandparents’ house in Berkeley Heights Park, Bloomfield, NJ.

Keep sending them in, folks. Read the contest rules here. And I’ve assembled all the great stories about love and cars right here.