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The new color of my living room is officially Benjamin Moore “Panning for Gold,” and in certain light it really does look a nice rich gold, like the color I saw a few years ago upstairs in the Harvard Club in Boston. And then, in other light, it kind of looks like melted Velveeta cheese.

The color I chose for the dining room is Ben Moore “Golden Vista,” which is basically the same color, only orangey-ier. But orangey-ier in a nice way, like a deep pumpkin.

Today, after inspecting the new paint job, I felt a little panicky, and decided I had to go out and find a few accessories to bring the room together.  I started at Pier 1, but wound up at Crate and Barrel, which is a good place to go if you’re looking for all things orange or brights in general.

I wound up with the San Miguel 23″ pillow, well, a couple of them, and the Mendocino paprika throw — and I think they do kind of help pull together the room. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I do feel a little sorry for my kitchen, which until now was the peppy little upstart of our house, all yellow-and-blue and Monet-inspired, but is now looking a little drab compared to its pumpkiny neighbors. “Well,” said Noah. “It’s the living room’s time to shine.”

I was mentioning this to the painter, who came by tonight to collect his money. “It’s kind of Soho,” he said, casting for the right association. “Or San Francisco. Something an artist would have.”

I squinted out at my new living room and shrugged.

I was casting about for the word “bold,” but either couldn’t think of it or felt it was too grandiose.

“It’s not shy,” I conceded.