Kicking off the beginning of summer (never mind that it’s 50 degrees right now and Memorial Day Weekend starts tomorrow) by writing.

Husband and kids are going away to Seven Springs for a family reunion. I get the house all to myself.

I’m about halfway through “Cars from a Marriage,” my novel that tells the story of a marriage through two decades of car trips, and really need to get cracking. The original deadline was June. I’ve gotten a reprieve til the end of the year. But still, when I look at the bulletin board next to my desk, and see the index cards bearing my future chapters, I almost get a panic attack thinking about all the work that needs to get done.

I won’t miss the leisurely kayak trip (NOT!) down the Middle Yough or the 5+ hour drive through Pennsylvania. Although, ironically enough, the long drive plus the family reunion might have yielded some material for the novel.

And as nerdy as it sounds, I’m looking forward to three or four days of sitting on the front porch without a firm social plan on the horizon.