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withtherecord.jpgI am an author with a significant book out. The Bergen Record says so.

Say what you want, but Galant knows her subject matter. A former New York Times reporter and columnist, she co-owns a blog of hyper-local Jersey news called Baristanet, which reports on interesting slices of modern suburban life in and around our parts.

Say what you want? Also…

Though she grew up in northern Virginia, Galant is “an adopted Jerseyan, and proud of it.” She packs her novel with details about living the middle-class suburban life in the Garden State. Most of the novel was actually written at an artists colony in Virginia — “You get a year of work done in three weeks,” Galant claims — but based on almost clinical observations of the quotidian North Jersey scene.

Middle class? I might say upper middle class, although that’s probably just me being a snob. Almost clinical? Quotidian? Whatever. The point is that picture. Which is why I had Margot take a picture of me holding it up, hostage style.

And that grudging little smile on my face while holding the hostage picture? Was I just trying to be patient while Margot fussed with the iPhone camera, or am I acknowledging that there finally is an oasis in the parched media desert since March 4? Also today: A nice interview by Andrew Meyer over at WBGO.