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Dorothy Parker would have had a Scotch. When I needed a break from the laptop yesterday, I went to the gym.

Don’t get me wrong. That’s not the kind of person I am. Until yesterday, I had been to the gym exactly zero times in the month of March. I can only take it as a sign of personal desperation that when I was up to my neck with writing, e-mailing, pitching, pleading and checking my Amazon rankings, the gym was the answer that called out to me.

Lo and behind, reward for the virtuous: The Montclair YMCA  has now installed personal TV’s on six of the elliptical trainers in the front cardio room. Seinfeld was on. The time on the machine just flew. Of course, I still checked my iPhone for email every few minutes.

So I went to the gym to escape the tyranny of the screen and wound up watching two of them. Not exactly transcendence. But I did burn a few calories.