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UPDATE: Read my correspondence with the Stuff White People Like Guy here.

A friend emailed me a link to Stuff White People Like, a blog that’s apparently storming the nation. Less than three months, and the guy’s already got 10 gazillion hits.

Funny stuff. It’s a tongue-in-cheek guide to fitting in with white people, by knowing what they like. By white people, he means the kind of people who live in Montclair. The sushi-eating, latte-swilling, MacBook-using followers of Barack Obama. Not to worry. The genius behind Stuff White People Like is white.

Examples of stuff white people like: David Sedaris, the “idea” of soccer, gifted children and, of course, yoga. Of course, the fun of Stuff White People Like is self-recognition. For example, #21 on the hit parade: Writer’s Workshops.

It’s no secret. White people want to be writers. Why wouldn’t they? Work 10 hours a week from a country house in Maine or England. Get called a genius by other white people, and maybe get your book made into a film.Every single white person harbors this dream. No matter what they tell you, all of them have at least one chapter of a novel stashed away somewhere.

Right he is! But some of us have many chapters, and some of us even have them published. And some of us are actually selling the same thing Stuff White People Like is. Self parody.

Take my description of Nina.

True, she wasn’t the renegade she’d been in her twenties, but she prided herself on being a good citizen of Mother Earth. She drove a Prius, recycled religiously, eschewed synthetics, shopped organic, drank bottled water, and bought all her stationery from third-world countries.

Well, Prius, organic food, bottles of water and recycling are on both our lists. He’s missing stationery from third-world countries. And I get extra points because my whole book is about the #2 item on his list: Religions that their parents don’t belong to.

Sure, white people may say they like “Kite Runner” or “Water for Elephants.” But what they really like is reading about their very own vanity and hypocrisy. That’s why white people like Stuff White People Like and why they will like “Fear and Yoga in New Jersey,” once they find out about it.